Frequently Asked Questions

XVERSO is a social media marketplace to discover and collect truly unique digital creations by verified artists and the world's most creative minds. We empower artists and creators with tools to interact, protect, and sell their digital creations to their fans and collectors.
Our events are live talks with our artists that we are streaming on our website. Just click the video player on top right of the event page, and you can listen in and hear the amazing stories of our artists and their art. The events are the kick-off for our auctions.
No. At XVERSO, you never have to set-up a wallet. Just register and add your credit card, we do the rest for you. A digital wallet is a software that manages your cryptocurrencies and also allows you to interact with blockchain technologies like Ethereum. XVERSO uses your digital wallet to publish and sell your digital creations using the Ethereum blockchain. Your digital wallet is your ID on the Ethereum blockchain and is used to digitally sign all your creations on XVERSO.
A wallet is required to manage your Ethereum account, and hold your digitally owned atworks. We are creating digital wallets for our community members as most people are not familiar with the process.
Yes, you can always pay in FIAT currency via credit card.
You are buying a limited edition or unique digital creation, signed by the creator. Upon purchase, you will be given the right to use, distribute, and display the creation for non-commercial purposes. Since you own this unique creation, you can also re-sell the same non-commercial use rights, to the creation, directly on XVERSO soon. Upon purchase, you can access the high resolution file which you can display on any digital device or even print out, for personal use. Why is this great? You own an authentic digital artwork by an amazing and XVERSO curated and verified artist, verifiable on the blockchain.
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. Examples of NFTs include digital art, collectibles, virtual reality items, crypto domain names, ownership records for physical assets, and more.
Auctions and bidding are a fun and engaging way to try to acquire a digital artwork for a particular price. On XVERSO, you can bid with your credit card. You need to register your account and add your credit card in your XVERSO profile settings before you can start bidding. Bidding on XVERSO is fun and easy with our automated bidding system. Enter any bid amount as long as it is greater than or equal to the next minimum shown on the bidding screen, then click the "Place a Bid" button. This will automatically place a bid for you at the next increment and save the amount you entered (if higher) as your "Highest Bid". You will receive a live notification on your bidding screen, and you will know that your bid has been received.

Bidding Increments
Our automatic bidding increments determine the next minimum bid that can be placed. They are based on the current bid of each item and currently increase in the interval of USD 50. You can always enter a higher amount than the next minimum bid which is then treated as the highest bid. We recommend increasing your bid amount if you want to maintain your position as highest bidder.

All bidders need to register their account on XVERSO and provide their credit card information, such as their full name, contact information, and credit card details. Sometimes additional information may be required, and we will notify you of additional requirements when they apply.
A blockchain is a publicly accessible online ledger (database) that is not owned by any central authority. Once anything is set in this ledger, it can not be modified or censored by any single authority. Blockchain technology provides the following benefits to creators:

Scarcity: When you upload your creation to the blockchain, you can define the number of editions you want to release. The control and distribution of the editions is automated on the blockchain, so you can tightly manage the scarcity of your creations. No more than the defined number of editions will ever be released.

Authenticity: When you upload your creation to the blockchain, it cannot be changed thereafter. Buyers can trust that the artwork they are purchasing is the original and has not been tampered with, because the publicly accessible data on the blockchain is always available to verify it. Even if other people copy it (as many tend to do online with digital content), the value of your artwork will not degrade, as long as the specific editions can be verified on the blockchain.

Ownership: Every transfer/purchase of your creations is recorded on the blockchain. This means that there is a publicly accessible ownership history for your creations. Provenance is automated and accurate. Having a publicly accessible way to verify ownership will create more value for your creations since it will be easier to identify infringing use of it. It will also make it easier for you to support any DMCA takedown requests.

Each of these benefits is inherently available to you, just by using the blockchain. Even if XVERSO ceases to exist, your digital creations will forever remain on the blockchain, and forever be transferable/purchasable. Having said that, interacting with the blockchain is still quite complex. What we are offering is a service that makes blockchain technology simple, and provides its benefits to all creators. Like any technology however, blockchain is not immune to risks.
Ethereum is the blockchain that XVERSO uses. Ethereum is also considered by many as a world computer. That means that any information stored on it is not managed by any central authority, but rather stored across thousands of computers worldwide.
Ether is the cryptocurrency used to interact with Ethereum. It is also the primary cryptocurrency used by XVERSO to buy and sell your digital creations.
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