Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is XVERSO?

  • XVERSO is a digital art marketplace to discover and collect premium digital art by leading and emerging contemporary artists, and the world's most creative minds. 
  • XVERSO is on a mission to transform people's lives through art. We believe that art should transcend all boundaries and seamlessly integrate into people's lives wherever they are, whenever they want. 
  • We are dedicated to revolutionize how people discover, collect, and experience art by merging technology, community and entertainment and providing access to art for everyone. 

What is Digital Art?

  • Digital art refers to artistic creations produced using digital technology, such as computers, graphic tablets, cameras or other electronic devices. This contemporary form of expression encompasses a wide range of expressive mediums, including digital painting, 3D modeling, animation, photography, sound, motion, and graphic design. 
  • Digital artists leverage software tools and applications to bring their visions to life, allowing for endless possibilities in terms of color, texture, medium, and compositions. 
  • As the art world continues to embrace technological advancements, digital art has emerged as a dynamic and innovative medium, offering artists new avenues for creativity and audiences a visually immersive experience.

Is Digital Art relevant given all the hypes and crashes?

Yes. Digital art remains highly relevant and continues to play a significant role in the contemporary art scene. While the art market, like any other, may experience fluctuations, digital art has established itself as a legitimate and influential form of artistic expression. Several factors contribute to its ongoing relevance:

  • Accessibility: Digital art has democratized the art creation process, allowing more people to engage in artistic expression. Digital tools and software have become widely available, making it easier for artists to create and share their work.
  • Technological Advancements: Ongoing advancements in technology contribute to the evolution of digital art. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other emerging technologies open new possibilities for artists to explore and innovate within the digital realm.
  • Global Reach: The internet enables artists to share their digital creations with a global audience instantly. Platforms like XVERSO are dedicated to digital art, social media, and online galleries provide exposure to a diverse and widespread audience.
  • NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens): The rise of NFTs has added a new dimension to the digital art market, providing artists with a way to authenticate and monetize their work through blockchain technology. NFTs have sparked renewed interest and investment in digital art.
  • Versatility: Digital art spans a wide range of styles and genres, from 2D illustrations and digital paintings to 3D modeling, animation, and interactive installations. This versatility allows artists to explore various mediums within the digital space. On XVERSO, you'll discover numerous artists crafting immersive experiences by seamlessly blending software, sound, and even poetry. Take, for instance, the work of artist Willea Zwey, such as "Pathfinder," where composition unfolds both visually and musically, showcasing the platform's commitment to multifaceted artistic expression.

While any market can experience fluctuations, digital art's continued relevance is evident in its impact on the art world, the opportunities it creates for artists, and its integration into contemporary culture.

What is XVERSO's position on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art?

At XVERSO, while we are deeply committed to innovation, we hold the belief that not all AI-generated works meet the quality standards necessary for inclusion on our platform. In order to be considered, we evaluate the following:

  1. The origin of the work (e.g. image, concept, text) is undeniably authentic to the artist. 
  2. The outcome of the work is a reflection of the artist's intention, and it is distinctly recognizable and unique to that artist. 
  3. The works must demonstrate artistic merit in their outcome.
  4. A perfect example of XVERSO accepted AI generated art are Timeless Spaces: Deep Cuts where the artist Yves Peitzner uses AI to translates his own brainwaves into a symphony of colors resonating with the artist's shifting emotions immersed with his poetry and music. 

What are Featured Curations?

  • Featured Curations on XVERSO represent a convergence of digital and in-person exhibitions introducing our artists with their distinct artistic methodologies. You can engage in candid dialogues curated by seasoned art experts and industry thought leaders, offering an in-depth exploration of the nuances within each showcased art. Watch our livestreams and talks on the Featured Curations page's video player for easy access to these engaging discussions. 

How can I hire XVERSO for digital art installations or exhibitions?

Please reach out to us through our Contact Page, summarize your creative brief and your goals. Our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Become an XVERSO Artist

Why should I join XVERSO as an artist?

  • XVERSO serves as a distinguished platform designed for contemporary artists seeking a broader reach. Our team of seasoned art experts carefully curates and assesses portfolios to enhance visibility. 
  • By showcasing your work on XVERSO, you gain exposure to a global community of art enthusiasts and seasoned art collectors. 
  • Enjoy additional benefits such as featured placements in our marketing channels and potential participation in curated exhibitions, art fairs, and events—subject to the popularity of your work. 
  • Leverage the support of our experienced art team with decades of industry insight. Join us now and APPLY HERE

I am an artist represented by my gallery. Can my gallery join?

  • Yes. We welcome the entire art ecosystem. If you would like to propose a specific partnership, please CONTACT US. Our team will get back to you shortly. 

I am not a professional artist - can I join XVERSO?

  • Yes, you can join. As we are a premium marketplace, we review each artist and portfolio under the section 'How do you value Digital Art?' Do you have what it takes? Amazing, we encourage you to APPLY HERE

How to Apply on XVERSO: Elevate your art to a Global Audience

Joining the vibrant community of XVERSO is a seamless process designed to celebrate and showcase your unique artistic vision. Follow these simple steps to apply and become a part of our dynamic platform:

  1. Explore Our Program: Before you apply, familiarize yourself with XVERSO. Ensure that your art and art practice aligns with our commitment to promoting premium unique art. Ensure you have a registered account with us. If you do not have one, create one by SIGNING UP
  2. Prepare Your Portfolio: Gather a comprehensive portfolio showcasing your best works. High-quality images and a diverse representation of your artistic skills are key.
  3. Craft Your Artist Statement: Share the story behind your art. Craft an authentic artist statement that provides insights into your creative process, inspirations, and the unique elements that define your work.
  4. Submit Your Application: Visit our dedicated application page and submit your portfolio along with your artist statement. Our streamlined form makes it easy for you to present your work to our discerning panel. To submit your application, please CONTACT US.
  5. Review Process: Our team of art experts and curators carefully reviews each application to ensure a curated selection that aligns with the XVERSO ethos. Keep an eye on your email for updates on the status of your application.
  6. Engage with the XVERSO Community: Once accepted, actively participate in the XVERSO community. Join discussions, connect with fellow artists, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of artistic dialogue. Engage with us on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Discord.
  7. Showcase Your Art: Your artwork will be featured in digital and physical exhibitions, providing exposure to a diverse audience. Benefit from thought-provoking conversations, networking opportunities, and global exhibitions.

XVERSO is your platform to shine, where your art takes center stage. Begin your journey with us by applying today and let your creativity resonate with a global audience.

What is your preferred medium on XVERSO?

We invite all directions in New Media Art. As we have partnered with digital billboard providers and businesses, we generally recommend:

  • Moving images in 16:9 horizontal or vertical format in UHD or 4K format 
  • For ease of playing on TV screens, LED screens and other type of digital screens. 
  • In addition, 3-5 min lengths and autoloop are preferred.
  • Slow content is preferred.

I am a contemporary artist new to digital medium. Can I join XVERSO?

  • Yes. We applaud your efforts in expanding your portfolio. We recommend collaborating with our network of designers and/or engineers to translate your artistic vision into the digital realm. If you have plans for a specific collaboration on XVERSO and are a verified artist on XVERSO, we'd be delighted to connect you with community members interested in working with you. Please CONTACT US.

Selling on XVERSO

How do I sell art on XVERSO?

  • Our curatorial team works closely with you to review your portfolio, select the right artworks, and establish optimal pricing models. 
  • Once we agree with you, we develop a customized marketing strategy and messaging specifically for your artworks. 
  • Collaboratively, we decide on the ideal launch timing, edition size, pricing, and actively promote sales on our platform.
  • Additionally, we join forces with you to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for maximum impact.
  • Interested? Pls APPLY HERE.

How do I get paid for art sales?

  • Traditional forms of payment (ACH, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, and others) are processed within 14 business days following the receipt of the collector's funds.

Buying on XVERSO

What am I buying on XVERSO?

  • By acquiring a limited edition or one-of-a-kind authentic digital artwork from an established or emerging contemporary artists, you gain the privilege to use, distribute, and showcase the creation for non-commercial purposes.
  • The copyrights unless stated/agreed on otherwise remain with the artists. This is not different to the acquisition of an authentic physical art piece. You can showcase the art in your private and semi-private setting, however, you do not have the right for example to create a fashion line for commercial sale purposes with the art. 
  • Upon purchase, you receive access to the high-resolution file digitally signed and authenticated by the artist, allowing you to display it on any digital device or print it for personal use. 
  • Your ownership is securely authenticated and tamper-proof through blockchain technology, serving as both your certificate of provenance and ownership.
  • What makes this truly remarkable? You possess a genuine digital artwork from an artist curated and verified by XVERSO, with provenance secured through the blockchain.

Sales prices in FIAT currency - can I pay in USD?

Yes. We are offering all our art in fixed price USD. If you prefer a different currency or prefer to pay in crypto, please CONTACT US.

Help! I don't understand crypto and want to pay with credit card

  • No hassle at all! Easily complete your purchase using a credit card or explore alternative payment methods. 
  • Click the 'Buy Now' button for a seamless payment experience, to pay via credit card.
  • Please be mindful that selecting credit card payment will incur additional credit card fees like in any other marketplace. These fees are NOT imposed by XVERSO, but by your credit card company and our payment processor. But for any questions, you can directly CONTACT US.

How do you value digital art?

We have developed a proprietary valuation methodology to value digital art with our team of valuation experts and data scientists. Among the criteria that we apply are the following areas:

  1. Artistic Reputation: The reputation and influence of the artist within the art community play a significant role in determining the value of their works.
  2. Scarcity and Editions: The scarcity of a digital artwork, especially in limited editions or exclusive releases.
  3. Technique and Innovation: Technical proficiency and innovative approaches in the artistic creation process.
  4. Art Market Trends: Current market trends and demand for specific styles or artists. 
  5. Provenance and Authenticity: we only work with artists directly or with highly reputable institutions such as galleries to ensure the authenticity and rarity of the art.
  6. Exhibition and Recognition: Recognition in prominent exhibitions, galleries, or by reputable institutions.
  7. Subject Matter and Concept/ Quality of Artistic Craft: The subject matter and conceptual depth of an artwork.

What is a digital wallet and do I need one?

  • A digital wallet, often referred to as an e-wallet or electronic wallet, is a software-based system that securely stores digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, payment information, and various forms of digital currency. It provides you with a convenient and secure way to manage and transact your digital assets.  You might find this Coinbase Article 'What is a crypto wallet' helpful.
  • At XVERSO, we automatically set up a secure digital wallet on your behalf in your secure vault, so you don't have to.
  • Your digital wallet is used to buy, sell and publish your digital art on the Ethereum blockchain. Think of a digital wallet like your ID on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to identify you and your digital assets.

Blockchain and Digital Wallets

What is blockchain?

  • A blockchain is a publicly accessible online ledger (database) that is not owned by any central authority. Once anything is set in this ledger, it can not be modified or censored by any single authority. 

    For further reading, we recommend this Coinbase Article: What is a blockchain?

What are the benefits of blockchain?

  • Blockchain technology provides the following benefits to creators:
  1. Scarcity: When you upload your creation to the blockchain, you can define the number of editions you want to release. The control and distribution of the editions is automated on the blockchain, so you can tightly manage the scarcity of your creations. No more than the defined number of editions will ever be released.
  2. Authenticity: When you upload your creation to the blockchain, it cannot be changed thereafter. Buyers can trust that the artwork they are purchasing is the original and has not been tampered with, because the publicly accessible data on the blockchain is always available to verify it. Even if other people copy it (as many tend to do online with digital content), the value of your artwork will not degrade, as long as the specific editions can be verified on the blockchain.
  3. Ownership: Every transfer/purchase of your creations is recorded on the blockchain. This means that there is a publicly accessible ownership history for your creations. Provenance is automated and accurate. Having a publicly accessible way to verify ownership will create more value for your creations since it will be easier to identify infringing use of it. It will also make it easier for you to support any DMCA takedown requests.
  • Each of these benefits is inherently available to you, just by using the blockchain. Even if XVERSO ceases to exist, your digital creations will forever remain on the blockchain, and forever be transferable/purchasable. 
  • Having said that, interacting with the blockchain is still quite complex. What we are offering is a service that makes blockchain technology simple, and provides its benefits to all creators. Like any technology however, blockchain is not immune to risks.

Is blockchain still relevant given all the hypes and crashes?

  • At XVERSO, we firmly believe in the revolutionary impact of blockchain on the technology landscape. Blockchain guarantees provenance and authenticity by establishing an immutable and transparent ownership record, thwarting unauthorized reproductions, and simplifying the often intricate proof of provenance. 
  • You can find this ownership trace and any transaction in the Ethereum blockchain in Etherscan. While the technology is still in its early stages and may not be exceptionally user-friendly, XVERSO is committed to bridging the divide between complex technological code and non-technical customers and artists. Moreover, it marks the first instance where visual artists can receive royalties for secondary sales. 
  • Blockchain not only ensures transparent transactions but also cultivates trust and accountability in the marketplace by offering transparency in ownership history and transaction details. These are significant challenges in the traditional art industry, and technological innovation effectively addresses these issues. 

What is Ethereum?

  • XVERSO uses the Ethereum blockchain to store your creations and to facilitate currency transactions.
  • Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain featuring smart contract functionality. Ether (ETH) is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. It is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, after Bitcoin. 
  • Ethereum is the most actively used blockchain. Ethereum was proposed in 2013 by programmer Vitalik Buterin. Development was crowdfunded in 2014, and the network went live on 30 July 2015, with 72 million coins premined.

    Another good read is this Coinbase Article: 'What is Ethereum?'

What token standards does XVERSO use?

  • XVERSO uses both the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. The ERC-721 standard is used for unique creations, while the ERC-1155 standard is used for limited editions. 
  • The ERC-1155 standard is more efficient for limited editions, as it allows for multiple editions to be bundled into a single token.