Community Guidelines

Effective Date: September 12, 2022


To break from the old and start something truly new, we must be led by values of kindness and inclusivity. Showing respect and care towards one another is of utmost importance to all of us as we build a community that is welcoming to all. These Community Guidelines set forth the type of conduct and decorum expected of all participants of the XVERSO art community. The XVERSO team is dedicated to building an ecosystem that empowers artists and collectors to connect with one another, collaborate, and participate in a new, natively-digital art economy. But we cannot do it without your help. In the interest of keeping this community an open environment and ensuring the economic growth of the XVERSO marketplace, we've put together these Community Guidelines to help foster a Platform that can support all of us as creators, art enthusiasts, and friends.

Respect Other Community Members

A strong community is built on respect, so please keep all conversations civil and constructive. The art and crypto communities are filled with artists and collectors who celebrate, inspire, and mentor creativity, talent, and innovation. We understand that like most crypto and art communities, the XVERSO community is not without disagreement or debate. Keep all discourse civil, open-minded, and respectful.

Avoid Harassment, Hate Speech, and Violence

Do not harass, bully, impersonate, or intimidate anyone in the XVERSO community. XVERSO has a zero-tolerance policy towards attacking or harassing a person or group based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, disease, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. We will not tolerate users who persistently harass, threaten violence, or use hate speech against other users or community members.

Resolve Your Own Personal Disputes

We encourage people to resolve their own personal disputes with other community members in a respectful, honest, and well-intentioned manner. In the interest of preserving an open, unbiased, and transparent community, the XVERSO Team will not involve itself or weigh in on or resolve interpersonal disputes or disagreements, Twitter wars, or debates about art or cryptocurrency.

Don't Give Power to Hate

Do not promote, support, or glorify hateful or extremist ideologies, such as white supremacist or other terrorist groups. Do not use hate speech or symbols, like swastikas, the white power hand sign, racial slurs, or any other hateful factional or derisive signaling of any kind.

Respect Privacy

Respect other people’s privacy and protect your own. Do not publicly share private or personally identifying information. This includes, but is not limited to, personal contact details, contact addresses, and private correspondence, including private correspondence between you and the XVERSO team.

Respect the Artists

The artists are the ones who make the magic happen, so be respectful to all XVERSO artists even if you are not a fan of their work. XVERSO community members are the new tastemakers of the digital art future, so it is completely fine (and encouraged!) to comment on or criticize XVERSO artists or artwork for the purpose of discussion. However, you should not publicly disparage or target a specific artist with the intention of interfering with his or her ability to sell works, promote artwork, or receive a fair price for a particular transaction.

Share, Link, and Provide Attribution

Sharing is caring. We at XVERSO believe that more eyes on XVERSO artwork benefits the community as a whole. When sharing XVERSO artworks online, you should always provide a link to the artwork on the XVERSO website. This ensures that the artist will always receive recognition and credit for his or her creative efforts.

Do Not Spam

XVERSO is not a venue for you to post unsolicited or duplicate ads for products and services. You know what spamming is. Do not do it.

Do Not Hack

XVERSO uses some pretty cool decentralized technology, but any technology carries a risk of exploitation. Users of the XVERSO Platform should never attempt to hack, circumvent, or spam the XVERSO Smart Contracts.

Respect Intellectual Property

XVERSO is a marketplace for authentic and original digital art. Our Terms of Service expressly forbid artists from posting unauthorized, copied, or otherwise unoriginal content. XVERSO artists should especially refrain from posting, repurposing, or remixing the work of other XVERSO artists without permission. If you are unsure as to whether or not an artwork is a prohibited reproduction of someone else’s work, then do not tokenize it.

Monitor your Content

All artists should monitor their own art for infringing content before minting a token to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the Marketplace. Our Terms of Service expressly require artists to represent that their works contain no infringing or unauthorized material. We have no power to prevent an infringing work from being minted, but we do have the power to take down infringing works or remove artists from our community for repeatedly posting infringing content.

Keep the Marketplace Fair

The integrity of the Marketplace depends on the honest, open, and fair market activity of all Users. Users are forbidden from engaging in sham transactions, wash trading, fraud, price pumping, price fixing, sham bidding, or any other type of market manipulation or anti-competitive conduct. Users are forbidden from, without limitation, selling works to themselves, creating fictitious accounts to bid on a work for the purpose of influencing its market price, or transferring works to other wallets controlled by the User or other conspirators to devalue or overvalue the work or works created by a particular artist.

Use the Marketplace to Buy Art... and Nothing Else

XVERSO is a place for art transactions, and not a place for illicit economic activity. Users are expressly forbidden from engaging into any transaction on the XVERSO Marketplace for the purpose of concealing economic activity not relating to art transactions. For example, and without limitation, users are forbidden from using the Marketplace to launder money, conceal or transfer proceeds relating to criminal activity, or to make payments to people for consideration other than a XVERSO artwork.

Follow the Law

It is your responsibility to know your local laws and any other legal regulations that might apply to your participation in the XVERSO community. If you're wondering if it's illegal, then it probably doesn't have a place within XVERSO. We love creative freedom and have spent years building tools to support creative expression. Please don't use the XVERSO Platform for evil.

Penalties for Violations

We take enforcement seriously and prohibit anything that goes against our Terms of Service or these Guidelines, but we are not arbitrators of online disputes, disagreements, or arguments. XVERSO reserves the right to take any action that it may deem appropriate in response to a violation of its Community Guidelines, including by banning, removing, or restricting a User in any way it deems necessary.

Reporting User Behavior

If you suspect that User(s) may be engaging in serious behavior that is violative of these Guidelines or otherwise negatively impacts the community, please immediately contact us at:

Give us Feedback

We're crazy about feedback, so give us some. Contact us directly: with ideas on how we can improve XVERSO, strengthen the community, or if you have any questions about our policies and guidelines. You may first want to check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.