Timeless Spaces: Deep Cuts

Collection by artist Yves Peitzner and Studio TISH

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"An Experiential Contact with Freedom: In search of a spatial vocabulary and the phenomenology of imagination. This study delves into the phenomenon of the poetic image as it emerges into consciousness, a direct product of the human heart, soul, and being." (Yves Peitzner, 2023)

The "Timeless Spaces" series, a collaboration by Yves Peitzner with former Sydney Orchestra percussionist and composer Michael Askill and digital strategist Jelena Gregov, embarks on a journey through intricate emotions and the boundless depths of human consciousness. It combines poetry, music, and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a single generative AI art piece. The canvas of this artwork emanates from the artist's essence, with colors flowing across the digital expanse as a result of real-time brainwave data recorded by a sensor worn during their immersion in the world of poetry.

What distinguishes "Timeless Spaces: Deep Cuts" is its groundbreaking use of AI. This innovative technology translates five brainwave datasets (alpha, beta, theta, gamma, and delta) into a dynamic symphony of colors resonating with the artist's shifting emotions. Each color in this evolving symphony forms a harmonious chord in the complex composition of the artist's psyche. The visual language of this artwork is purposefully chosen, laden with profound symbolism. These lines, far from static, respond to the human voice, echoing how poetry moves the soul. This feature underscores the deep connection between language, emotion, and the visual arts, making Timeless Spaces: Deep Cuts a true masterpiece of the human experience.

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  • 3 unique and exclusive digital art pieces including the ownership of the accompanying poem

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