Woman, Life, Freedom

Honoring Mahsa Amini and supporting the brave women in Iran

About the Show

We are deeply moved by the senseless murder of 22 year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini. Mahsa was killed by the Iranian morality police on September 16, 2022, in Iran, for not complying with the country’s strict Hijab laws. Her death has ignited a massive global protest movement organized by women, especially young women, in Iran. In honor of Women, Life, Freedom - the rallying cry expression for the protests in Iran and to support the human rights organization United for Iran, we have created this special benefit drop. This special artwork with the face of a fierce Iranian woman is based on an illustration by an anonymous Iranian artist. This limited edition drop will be available for a total of 1,001 NFTs including 50 free airdrops for our selected VIP community members. You can purchase the NFT for a minimum of USD 20 although higher donations are encouraged.

By purchasing this special edition NFT, you will become an active supporter of the women’s rights movement in Iran and globally. You will also obtain XVERSO’s Social Impact badge which will give you special access to our events and voting rights for our future benefit drops.

Collector Benefits

  • Ownership of Digital Assets

  • Social Impact Status

  • Voting right to determine the next benefit drop


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