Still Dreaming

An homage to Victoria Harbor by artist Alvin Mak

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About the Art

XVERSO is proud to present the world premier of "Still Dreaming" by Hong Kong based visual artist Alvin Mak. Initially trained as an engineer, Mak's passion for digital art led him on a journey of creative exploration as an artist for over twenty years. His widely collected portfolio in Asia encompasses a diverse range of mediums, including photography, image composites, and digitally animated art.

  • Still Dreaming, Mak's 2024 video art collection, transports viewers into a mesmerizing realm where light and shadow emulate the fluid motion of water. Conceived amidst the waters of Victoria Harbor, these artworks capture the ethereal beauty of light reflections through meticulous color adjustment and deliberate footage manipulation. The resulting 2D renderings form a visual symphony, balancing sharp clarity with graceful motion blur, echoing the organic flux of water itself. Through this interplay, he invites viewers to contemplate the transient nature of perception and the profound beauty inherent in fleeting moments of existence.

  • Still Dreaming stands as a poignant reminder that within the ephemeral dance of light and shadow lies a timeless invitation to dream, ponder, and marvel at the boundless wonders of our world.

Collector Benefits

  • 4 unique and exclusive artworks are available for sale

  • The artworks can be customized to any electronic display.

  • Contact us for questions for displays and customizations. Email: hi@xverso.io


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