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Lans King, often known as the 'Cyborg,' is a versatile artist who explores various creative realms, from digital and conceptual art to traditional painting. What sets him apart is a unique microchip embedded in his hand, symbolizing his deep desire to share fragments of his artistic essence with the world.

This connection extends to Lans King's NFT Capsules, where his art is intricately intertwined with the microchip. These digital artworks feature layers of code and animation, reflecting his signature style seen in his physical creations. They capture the essence of his ongoing project, 'The Hyperreality Show,' which blurs the lines between reality and simulation.

Inside these digital capsules, Lans King presents videos in MP4 format, adding a twist to traditional art studies like nudes, landscapes, or cowboys. These studies take on a whole new dimension, offering a unique perspective that is distinctly 'Cyborg.'

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  • 4 unique and exclusive digital art pieces

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