The Butterflies Triptych

Collection by Artist Giovanni De Benedetto

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XVERSO is excited to announce the world premiere of "The Butterflies Triptych" by abstract klecksography artist Giovanni De Benedetto. The Butterflies Triptych marks the debut installment in the PREMATURE series, where a predefined form serves as a canvas for the artist's vision, uncovering new dimensions within familiar shapes and are the first butterflies in their current forms combined with the artist’s own sound elements. 

  • Over the past thirteen years, De Benedetto has pioneered a unique technique that combines action painting, digital photography, and post-production, which he designates as "Augmented Klecksography Painting."

  • PREMATURE encompasses all these Augmented Klecksography works, pushing the boundaries of inkblot art by enhancing the original painting's aesthetic impact through digital photography. The fusion of klecksography and digital photography immortalizes the original works while magnifying the details, transforming the digital artwork file into the definitive piece of art, primed for preservation on the Blockchain.  As viewers contemplate the PREMATURE revelations, De Benedetto encourages them to regard these artworks as mirrors in which they can introspect and see themselves within the art.

Collector Benefits

  • 3 unique digital artworks (each in 4K resolution and 40 seconds length)

  • VIP status


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