The Watercolor Story

World premier of digital art in color by Artist Zheng Chongbin

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About the Art

XVERSO is proud to present the world premiere and exclusive of "The Watercolor Story" by renowned Chinese ink painter Zheng Chongbin in collaboration with immersive artstudio cFire. Conceived and unveiled for the auspicious year of 2023, The Watercolor Story is not merely a work of groundbreaking art: it is a 10-minute spectacle, a digital enchantment that unfolds across three acts, and an opus to celebrate tradition interwoven with modernity.

  • This immersive site-specific narrative reveals itself across the central guest atrium of the MGM Cotai, Macao, China, the world's largest indoor LED wall installation, making best use of the inspiring strata of 25 synchronized LED screens.

  • The Watercolor Story is broken out in 3 acts: CinnqbarRed Cranes (Cinnabar-Red), Aquamarine Fish (Ultramarine-Green) and Cerulean Blue Sailing Boats (Cerulean-Blue). As the curtain rises on each act, a canvas of traditional ink is populated with iconic figures from Chinese and Macanese heritage - cranes, fish, and sailing vessels, meticulously rendered in the eloquent strokes of ink brush mastery.

Collector Benefits

  • Each act CinnqbarRed Cranes, Aquamarine Fish, and Cerulean Blue Sailing Boats is a Limited Edition of 5 exclusive to XVERSO.

  • Only Editions 1/2 of 5 for each act will be available for sale.

  • This is a very RARE opportunity to own digital art in color by world-renowned Chinese ink painter Zheng Chongbin.


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