Out of context: Generative landscapes facing climate change

Collection by Artist Albert [Abdul Barr] Wang

About the Show

We are excited to continue our series of exclusive works by Asian American artists curated by our curator Kimi Kitada. Conceptual Artist Albert [Abdul-Barr] Wang who has been an artist-in-residence at the School for Visual Arts, utilizes AI and his background in painting to explore unique landscapes portraying the impact of climate change while referencing art history such as traditional Chinese brush paintings. Utilizing generative AI can lead to endless results, and Albert’s artworks can take years until he is satisfied with the outcome of the work.  His technique creates cinematic effects of beauty while showing a dystopian world of reality.

Collector Benefits

  • Ownership of Digital Assets

  • Each work is an Edition of 2, Edition 1/2 includes an artist signed print on canvas

  • VIP Status

  • Special private invitation to Albert's next gallery show.


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