GOLDILOCKS Alien Flowers

Discover alien flora by Artist Frederik De Wilde

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About the Art

Have you ever wondered what plants on alien planets might look like?

XVERSO proudly presents the world premiere of the Goldilocks series by award-winning artist and scientist Frederik De Wilde with unique artworks that were exclusively created for XVERSO.

  • De Wilde’s works, rooted in research and science, use generative AI to create stunning, animated, and immersive botanical compositions. These envision flora on both existing and imaginary planets, exoplanets, considering various suns and atmospheres. Much like the ornate details on ancient maps depicting mythical creatures and fantastical landscapes, this project brings alien flora to life in vibrant hues, echoing Earth's rich diversity.

  • These artworks serve as a gateway to the unknown, igniting our imaginations intertwined with the vastness of space. The project pays homage to floral artists like Georgia O’Keeffe and aligns with historical floral-inspired works by Andy Warhol (Flowers, 1964), Henri Matisse (Flowers, 1907), Claude Monet (Water Lilies, 1914-26), Vincent Van Gogh (Irises, 1890), and Yayoi Kusama (Ready to Blossom in the Morning, 1989).

  • The Goldilock flowers can be arranged as individual blooms or as a bouquet.

Collector Benefits

  • 9 unique and exclusive artworks are available for sale to the public.

  • The artworks can be customized to any electronic display.

  • Contact us for questions for displays and customizations. Email: hi@xverso.io


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