21c Museum Hotel KC x XVERSO

XVERSO New Media Summit

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XVERSO is excited to partner with the 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City for an evening with groundbreaking speakers, artists, dance, and music celebrating the latest trends in art and innovation.  

XVERSO New Media Summit is an event that will bring artists and technologists together to explore how AI and blockchain will impact the arts and society; how these new platforms can serve as catalysts for further artistic endeavors, encouraging the exploration of new ideas and push boundaries in the ever-evolving realm of creative expression. As one of the first museums in the United States to embrace blockchain technology and explore the digital realm of art, 21c Museum Hotel represents a new frontier where art and technology converge. Originally founded by art collectors Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, the 21C Museum Hotel Kansas City represents a multi venue museum and hotel with many artistic site specific installations.

Collector Benefits

  • Ownership of Digital Assets

  • VIP Access

  • Physical prints for select artworks


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