Aquamarine Fish

Rarity: Edition 2 of 5
Estimate: $8,000.00 - $21,000.00
In contemplating the essence of my creation in collaboration with art studio cFire, "Watercolor Story," one must delve into the profound connection between the ancient art of ink brush painting and the luminous realm of digital technology. The raison d'être of this work is in the celebration of the Chinese New Year, acting as an illuminated tapestry woven to accentuate the enduring bond between Macau and the heartland of China. Conceived and unveiled for the auspicious year of 2023, "Watercolor Story" is not merely a work of art; it is a 10-minute Spectacle, a digital enchantment that unfolds across three acts, and an opus to celebrate tradition interwoven with modernity. This immersive site-specific narrative reveals itself across the central guest atrium of the casino MGM Cotai, Macao, China, where it is brought to life on the world’s largest indoor LED wall installation, making best use of the inspiring strata of 25 synchronized LED screens. Each act within Watercolor Story reveals vibrant echoes of traditional Chinese ink hues: the fiery passion cinnabar red, the tranquil allure of aquamarine, and the boundless depths of cerulean blue. As the curtain rises on each act, a canvas of traditional ink is populated with iconic figures from Chinese and Macanese heritage - cranes, fish, and sailing vessels, meticulously rendered in the eloquent strokes of ink brush mastery. These living symbols traverse the landscapes of mountains and the tranquil waters of Macau Harbor, evoking a sense of timelessness and continuity.