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Damian Stamer
Damian Stamer
Damian Stamer, influenced by Robert Rauschenberg, combines abstraction and representation in his paintings. Inspired by the rural landscapes of his youth in North Carolina and the history of painting, Stamer creates semi-abstract landscapes that explore the concepts of home and representation. He experiments with various tools and techniques, including masking tape, squeegees, paper towels, solvents, and even a frying pan to spread paint. His compositions blend expressive brushstrokes, drips, and splatters with images of wooden shacks and hay bales. Stamer cites Gerhard Richter and Matthias Weischer as artists he greatly admires and considers himself part of their artistic lineage. His works have been exhibited in various shows within the United States including the Crystal Bridges and the Momentary (Museum) in Bentonville and the Gibbes Museum of Art, in Charleston.